Looking at Cells

"looking at cells"

Imaging Cytometry counts and measures cells by - you guessed it - imaging. This may seem unusual, as many people associate cytometry necessarily with flow based systems. Alas, the imaging approach comes with some quite tangible benefits with the various systems for various purposes we offer. So why not try „looking at cells“ ...

Amongst other things with imaging cytometry in general you can 

  • work with small sample volumes and no delay volumes
  • get results with or without fluorescent labellings
  • work with suspension as well as with adherent cells, and without trypsination 
  • do without daily maintenance, cleaning, or calibration of you cytometry systems

And in addition you will find that

  • every signal is connected to an image which allows for a quick plausibility check, even retrospectively
  • values and images are always documented for later reference.

According to the different requirements in complexity of samples, questions, assays, and image resolution we offer a range of premium quality image based cytometry products. 

Our supplying partners come from the USA, France, Japan, and Germany, and they focus on

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