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BQC Redox System
Antioxidative Parameters in Seconds
  • Compact hand-held device, no laboratory required
  • Simple operation, high reproducibility
  • For food and biological samples
  • Results in a few seconds
  • Multi-parametric options
  • Antioxidant capacity (Total Antioxidant Capacity - TAC)
  • H2O2 scavenging activity (coming soon)

The BQC Redox System BRS

The BQC Redox System is a handheld reader for biological or food samples that provides you with the oxidative status of your samples quickly and easily.

The BRS uses an electrochemical measurement on a measuring strip, so you do not need a laboratory or complex biochemical tests. The immediate operational readiness of the BRS makes it ideal for short measurements in between, but the fast measuring time also allows you to handle large sample volumes quickly and reproducibly.

BQC Redox System

The BRS is a flexible tool that can be used for a wide range of sample types. For example for

  • Biological and medical samples: plasma, blood, saliva, urine, cell cultures and extracts, tissue homogenates.
    Such samples can usually be measured directly and without further preparation in just a few seconds. .
  • Food samples: Fruit juices and other beverages, fruit and vegetable extracts, and many others.
    These samples are diluted with BRS buffer for preparation due to their generally high acid content.

With this minimal preparation, you can obtain the antioxidant status of your samples in just a few seconds and without any laboratory or biochemical procedures.

Please contact us for a practical test with your samples.

Further Information

  • Battery-operated handheld device.
  • Control via Android app.
  • Data analysis via Android app or PC-based software.



BRS Buffer