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Autosampling for 6 samples and integrated degassing

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Measured property

SPR Navi™ instruments measure light intensity reflected from the sensor surface (absolute measurement), while traditional SPR instruments measure light shift (only a relative measurement). 

Refractive index (RI) range

1.00 - 1.40 (Can be extended using additional wavelength option)
Using the same optics (prism and sensor slides) and in the same automated scan. 

Dynamic range

38 000 mdeg

Noise level

0.3 µRIU (short term)  
1 µRIU corresponds to 1 pg/mm² surface coverage of a typical protein.
100-fold improvement using Selectively Amplified Surface Plasmon Resonance

Working range 

kon = 10E3 < ka < 10E8 M-1 s-1
koff = 0.1 < kd < 10E-7 s-1
KD = 10E-3 - 10E-12 M-1

Fastest sampling rate
from 4 ms  in Fixed Angle advanced timing mode 

Temperature control 15-45oC  (ambient +20/-7oC)


Technique Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR)
Measuring principle True goniometric SPR with rotating laser (true angluar resolution 0.001o)
Wavelength of light 670 nm (and 785 nm with additional wavelength option)
(other wavelengths available by request)
Optical channels 2
SPR angle scaning range 40o - 78
(with the same optics and same sensor slides and in the same scan, no need for prism exchange!, no manual manipulation needed)
Prism coating Optical gel index matching 
(no need for messy oil operation between measurements)
Sensor slides  Au, Pt, Al, TiO2, SiO2, CMD, ...

12 x 20 mm  

Refractive index (RI) range
for the running buffer/bulk

1.00 - 1.45
Dynamic range

38 000 mdeg

of measurement chamber

15-45oC  (ambient +20/-7oC) (in all models)

of sample storage

4-40°C at 25°C ambient temperature (only in 220A model!)
Computer requirements

The minimum PC requirements are:
MS Windows® XP / VISTA / 7 (not Starter editions used in netbooks)
both 32- and 64-bit versions are supported
1xUSB 2.0
2 Gb HD  

Power requirements

100W, 100-240V, 50/60Hz


Liquid handling

Pump: Integrated 2-channel peristaltic pump, software controlled, 10-400 µL/min

Sample loading: Manual
Loop volume: 100 µL (50 µL, 250 µL and others available)
Injection: 12-port injector (manual switch)
For experiments with liquids, we strongly recommend a degasser.

The instrument can be equipped with a syringe pump or upgraded into SPR Navi 210A or 220A.

Wetted parts: 

  • Instrument: PEEK
  • Flow-cell: PDMS/PEEK/titanium 


W 32 x H 40 x D34 cm  (15" x 12.5" x 12.4") 


12 kg (22 lbs)

Shipping volumetric weight

50 kg (110 lbs)


Liquid handling Integrated Autosampler The instrument is equipped with one autosampling areas: 
  • Autosampling area: 
    •  Fully configurable program
    • Sample capacity: 6 samples in vials or bottles
    • Injection modes: Full loop, partial loop
    • Wash: Programmable, wash between injections and wash between vials
    • Loop volume: 12 - 2000 μL programmable, exchangable, others by request. Loops are standard liquid chromatography loops and can be exchanged easily. 
Integrated Syringe pump 
  • Sample syringe: 2 500 µL, 1-channel
  • Measurement flow (running buffer)
  • 2-channel
  • 2500 μL standard
  • Flowrates: 1µl/min to 6 mL/min
Integrated Degasser  
  • 2-channel degasser
  • Internal volume only 285 µl
  • Eliminates baseline fluctuations, advanced error and leak checking functions
Wetted Parts 
  • Instrument: FEP (teflon-like), PEEK, Systec AF (teflon-like), FFKM
  • Flow-cell: PDMS/PEEK/titanium
W 45 x H 41 x D 51 cm (18" x 16" x 20") 22 kg (49 lbs)
Shipping volumetric weight 50 kg (110 lbs)

Auf alle BioNavis MP-SPR Geräte erhalten Sie 2 Jahre Werksgarantie, incl. Ersatzteile und Reparatur im Werk (return-to-base).

Sie erhalten optional

  • eine Verlängerung der Garantie auf 3 Jahre
  • eine Verlängerung der Garantie auf 5 Jahre
  • zusätzliche regelmäßige Wartungsbesuche
  • und natürlich ad hoc Reparaturen bei Bedarf von unserem regionalen Servicetechniker

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