Zellkraftwerk ZellsafeTM tissue sections

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Zellkraftwerk ZellsafeTM Chips und Puffer für das Biobanking von Gewebeschnitten.

  • Cell Storage: ZellSafe microfluidic biorepositories allow for 12 month sample storage at full cellular integrity.
  • Disease-specific Discovery: For the first time in cytometry you can set-up disease-specific biobanks for systematic biomarker discovery.
  • Iterative: Now you can iteratively investigate biomarkers on a “Stain-Think-Stain” strategy.
  • Rare Diseases: Over a period of 12 month you can collect rare samples systematically screen all samples for up to 90 new biomarkers.
  • Clinical Cytometry: In a clinical setting, ZellSafe microfluidic biorepositories allow screening for non-responders after the study has been completed.