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The looking at cells Roadshow 2022

Rearrange your workflows and boost your efficiency! - How?

During the looking at cells Roadshow our cell imaging experts will come to your lab and show you how you can count up to 24 samples in 48 seconds using trypan blue or in 2.5 minutes with fluorescence using the Cellaca MX High-throughput Cell Counter.

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High-Throughput Cell Counter Hochdurchsatz Zellzähler Produktbild

With the new Cellaca MX High-throughput Automated Cell Counter you can now count up to 24 samples in 48 seconds using trypan blue or in 2.5 minutes with fluorescence.

Boost your workflow efficiency with Cellaca MX:

  • Batch samples in 24 well microplates for cell count and viability
  • Analyze cell lines or primary cells like PBMCs, T-cells and tumor digests
  • Maintain cell integrity and minimize sample depletion during processing
  • Incorporate robotics with API compatible instrument
  • No instrument fluidics to maintain
  • Small footprint, minimum bio-waste


Superfast Cell Count

Trypan Blue Viability

Dual Fluorescence Viability for Primary Cells

Cellular Assays with up to 4 Fluorescence Channels

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