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Cenibra CQ1 Science Day in Frankfurt

von Thomas Meyer

We held the first regional CQ1 Science Day at Hotel Gerbermühle in Frankfurt. The event far exceeded our expectations and left us feeling excited about all the inspiring research that is being done on this device!

This event was designed to provide a platform for Yokogawa CQ1 enthusiasts to share their passion and exchange their insights and discoveries. We were amazed by the immediate familiar atmosphere that made it easy to engage in conversations and set the stage for lively interactions throughout the day. The two-hour science talk session was filled with fascinating presentations, which included 2D and 3D applications and covered the beautiful visualization of fundamental cellular and immunological processes. The speakers collectively provided a comprehensive picture of the benefits and motivation to work with the CQ1. Meanwhile, we also took the opportunity to demonstrate how research with the CQ1 can be done even more efficiently in the future. Quite a few people were impressed by the innovations, especially in data management with the ACE software and the possibilities offered by deep learning.

If not before, the poster session that followed, rounded off by delicious finger food and drinks, provided an opportunity for informal networking. It was great to see scientists from different backgrounds coming together to share their expertise and learn from each other. We were especially happy to hear  just how much everyone appreciated the exceptional scientific and technical support provided by our experts.

The enthusiasm and energy of all participants were truly inspiring. The positive feedback we received after the event has only fueled our dedication to represent fascinating devices like the CQ1 and to organize more such events in the future. We thank everyone who contributed to this great day - especially our speakers!


Eliana Stanganello, Mainz: "Imaging cellular processes and their dynamicity, a special focus on immunology"

Nicole Teusch, Düsseldorf: "A human 3D immune competent full-thickness skin model for drug discovery"

Lisa Sevenich, Tübingen: "High content imaging to dissect the tumor immune microenvironment in brain metastasis"

Jonas Schäfer, Cenibra: "Direct modification of single cells and new experimental models"

Alexandra Stolz, Frankfurt: "Unveiling Autophagy Mysteries with Yokogawa CQ1"

Anna Wolfram, Frankfurt: "Characterising novel 3R-compliant ex vivo models using confocal microscopy"

Michael Schell, Cenibra: "From CellPathfinder to smart microscopy - how automatic imaging might improve your analysis"