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Elevating Research

Anna Wolfram from the Georg-Speyer-Haus in Frankfurt gives an insight into her experience with the LAC Young Scientist Imaging Assay Jumpstarter Contest.

von Réka Enz
Precision Delivery at the Nanoscale

Product specialist Jonas Schäfer talks about an exciting recent publication by Kovács and colleagues using Cytosurge's FluidFM technology.


von Réka Enz

Our product specialst Thomas Meyer summarized his impressions of the first regional CQ1 Science Day in Frankfurt for you!

von Thomas Meyer
Why looking at the immune system and its dynamicity might help to understand the mode of action of a disease or a treatment?

Research in the field of the immune system is more in focus because of several reasons. We all still remember the challenging situation during the pandemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) where mRNA-based vaccination helped to overcome the vaccination gap (1, 2). And hence proved to be a valuable tool for fighting diseases. This is why there are high hopes to use similar technology to target cancer by means of vaccination and by triggering the immune response.

von Michael Schell
Application Note # 171

From our “looking at layers” corner:
Non absorbing layers analysed in miniscule detail.

von Réka Enz
Unleashing the Power of Precision: Next-Generation Pipeline for Personalized Oncolytic Cancer Vaccines

Read about a new publication about virus-peptide interactions by Feola et al. (eLife, 2022).

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Even though it is all just “looking at cells” (as per our theme), there are some fundamental differences when you move from standard (or 2D) high content imaging to 3D on spheroids and organoids. Three crucial points are worth considering here, concerning image quality, imaging speed, and data analysis. And they were when the CQ1 was first designed.

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A Telight Webinar with Zuzana Nováková

Zuzana Nováková, an accomplished application specialist, delivered a captivating presentation on Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI), highlighting its techniques, advantages, and applications, as well as the Q-Phase imaging system designed and produced by our partner TELIGHT Co.


von Réka Enz
von Réka Enz

In January Yokogawa organized the 1st European CQ1 User Group Meeting!

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Recently, there has been much buzz surrounding ChatGPT and its capabilities in both positive and negative contexts. To put its abilities to the test, we decided to compare ChatGPT's performance against our in-house product specialist Jonas Schäfer in summarizing a scientific paper.

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Giuseppe Balistreri on SARS-COV-2

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